They Say That You Will Feel A Spark When You Meet the One You're Supposed to Marry... Is This True? And Have You Felt That Spark Yet?

I'm deeply in love with my boyfriend, but when he and i first touched and kissed, i didn't experience that spark. Thing is, i know he's my Mr. Right, but that zig was missing...


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  • New love doesn't always have that spark. I felt a spark with my husband but I did not immediately act on it because I was stubborn. Basically, give it time. Your ideal spark could present itself in a different way. Meaning, a kiss would be nice but maybe the undeniable connection people share is also a spark.

    • I see what u mean. When he and i cuddled and played fight, i felt a close connection with him and i could tell he felt the same way.. it was in his eyes and involuntary smile


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  • You dont always feel that spark when you kiss. When you feel a spark with someone you feel a click with the other person. You can't stop thinking about that other person and you want to be with that other person as much as possible

    • Thanks for explaining that to me.

  • I think it's total bs.

    • Lol why u say that?

    • No spark yet. I'm with someone for 9 years now.

    • Wow, congratulations. That takes a lot of work. I've been with my boyfriend for four months. July 6 will be our fifth. But I've known him for almost a year in Aug.

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  • I'm a firm believer in multiple loves/get three infinite loves in life. If you don't wanna marry him don't marry him.

    • Well he's actually my third love and yep i do want to marry him if that's in God's Plan for us.
      I find your theory highly interesting though. What makes u think this way?

    • Bc there was an actress that said she believes you get three great loves in life. I think that there isn't just one love a person could have all the time. If you're lucky and you find your one that is great but that usually doesn't happen unless you're in a Nicholas Sparks or James Cameron movie. Three despite being my power number, sounds like a healthy number to have and it meets up with how many stages a person can change in their lifetime, and anywhere over five seems a little extreme and untrue.

    • I like that, and going by my own experiences and my mom's, I'd say you're onto something

  • That's ok. It'll come... And if it doesn't, it goes away anyway. So you might as well have a relationship with trust, honesty, and compassion.

    • You're right. And wow, that spark fades off for real? So maybe it's a feeling related to infatuation.

    • I'm not saying attraction fades, but the newness does. We all like new things. Like a new shirt that you can't comprehend not having in your wardrobe, or your new iPhone that's so exciting and cool. But then you peel the plastic and after a month it's just a phone. But with a person, the tingles and excitement fade a little, and they're replaced with a deep understanding and love for each other that you can't compare to silly tingles-- will show up again. They're not gone for good, just a little MIA.

    • *which will show up again.