Was she trying to rub in her wedding or something?

So we were friendly and had a lot of close mutual friends and used to chat. I honestly thought she would invite me to her wedding.

When sne got engaged I wished her congrats. She didn't invite me to squat neither for wedding or engagement. she had not spoken to me since way before her wedding.

Her wedding was a few weeks ago and now she must be bored. She messaged me how are you. I said ok you. She starts going on now she just came back from her honeymoon and is writing thank you cards. I said wow your wedding must have been amazing she said thanks we had a great time.

Like way to
be a bitch!! Why is she Rubbing it in?


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  • It really depends on what she is to you, but it does sound like it


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  • Girl drama...


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  • Either she's a huge bitch and you shouldn't waste your time on her, or she invited you and the invitation got lost in the mail. That happened a lot with mine. When you put a few hundred envelopes in a mailbox at once, a few tend to get misplaced.