Could you really know after only a few months of knowing someone that you want to marry him?

Do you think that's possible to be sure after only a short time? Or do you think it's probably just infatuation? Either way, I'm going to wait to committ like that because it's a huge decision. I've just never felt ready with anyone else (even after 2 years of dating someone). With him, it just feels right. I feel like if you don't know soon after being with them (like within a year) that you could marry him/her, you might never feel that way. You know? Like are they just going to magically turn into someone you want to be with? Not likely. But if I feel this way about him for at least 1-2 years.. I would definitely get engaged to him.

  • Definitely possible.
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  • Not likely, but not impossible.
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  • Impossible, it takes way longer to know.
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He feels the exact same way about me.


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  • The longer u know each other, the better off you will be.
    More than 1 year is ok but 2 + years is better


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  • For a good marriage, you need love, trust, and respect. After a few months, you can feel that spark that says love is growing in this relationship. You need time to establish trust and to test your respect. You don't know how strong the respect is until your relationship has been tested, either by facing an external threat/challenge, or by resolving an internal conflict. Most people are on their best behavior in the early stages of a relationship but, after time, they will relax and be themselves. That is when you will know. Don't wait more than 2 years to make your decision.

    • Why shouldn't I wait more than 2 years? If we love each other and we're together does it really matter if we're married yet?

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    • I guessif that's your opinion 👍

    • Yes, and I understand that it is not shared by a significant portion of the under 30 crowd. I don't automatically think people are wrong if they disagree with me.

  • if you know then you know, just hope the feeling is mutual. often times its not.

  • If that feeling lasts for years after being together or starts after years of being together then yeah

  • My wife says she knew she wanted to marry me after about three minutes. It took me rather longer to decide about her.

    • It is a big decision! I think it's good to think about it. But it's sweet she knew so soon

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  • Absolutely. I got with my husband in the July he proposed in January and we were married by June. It just depends on whether you feel its the right person. Like you I was with someone for a couple of years before and I never imagined getting married to him. Just a few months of being with my husband I knew he was the one and I did see myself spending the rest of my life with him and having his kids