How long were you waiting for a proposal before if happened? And did you talk about getting married often beforehand?


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  • I dated for about 2.5 years before we got engaged. We would often talk about marriage, so it was a causal proposal. No getting down on one knee or anything like that. We were engaged for almost 2 years before getting married.

    • Yeah that's pretty much where I'm at. Except sometimes he says forever and then sometimes he doesn't know if he'll know me in five years. Thanks for sharing (:

    • We had a baby about 2 years after we started dating, so I think that's why we didn't rush to get married. I always knew I'd be with him for the red of my life, but I figured it would be easier to get married, for health insurance, tax, and schooling purposes.

    • Ah, I see! Well, at least you knew where you wanted to be (:


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  • a year and yes it was spoken about before

  • My husband and I started dating in 2012 engaged 2014 married 2015 I always so stuff about marraige and kids lol but when he was ready (IMPORTANT FACTOR) I knew he came to me and we discussed what we expected out of eachother and long life goals. After everything worked out perfectly with babies lol.

    • It seems it always takes the man a little longer haha I'm glad it was smooth for you though. (: thanks for sharing!!

    • Yea because me are the "its not broke so why fix it" " everything is fine why change it" type of people and women are the "it only gets better" type of people.

    • I love the way you put that! Genius (:

  • i waited about a year.

    • That's not bad (: That's moving right along.