Girls, Does your husband talk to you a lot about everything? That happens in his life? Like at work?

How does your normal day go? When he gets out of work? My husband comes out of work I serve him his food and he eats. Then he takes a shower put on some p. j. s. Then he sits in front of the tv and I ask how was work? He says ok and that is it. Is that normal? Is he too tired to talk? Does every guy do this? Just wondering

Ok thanks for your advice 😊


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  • i have the same routine too when it comes to my husband i think it's normal however when something is good or bad at work he usually tells me but thats about it. on the weekends we talk about lots of stuff though like family, friends, going out we talk about everything however I just guess he never talks about work because he's tired or something


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  • he's just switched off by the time you get to talk to him... the time to talk is over dinner... do you not eat with him?

    I always ask my partner the moment i see him how work was. This is to gauge his mood more than anything but it also helps him i think to vent about his day and let it go...

    I never wait until after greeting him to ask as its no longer relevant and not on his mind.

    • I eat with him sometimes but it depends if he gets out to late from work. But thanks for the advice

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    • i am sure he's just tired. also, same days every days get a little tedious and he probably thinks u dont need to hear about it unless something amazingly different happens!

    • Yeah that is true

  • I'm not married but yes my boyfriend tells me everything that goes on in his life, in his past, what he's thinking, etc. Only details my boyfriend leaves out are ones he thinks are pointless to talk about that aren't important. But that's due to forgetting about them.

  • Mine is my boyfriend. Not husband, so it might b different.

    I would like to think that he won't change after marriage. Now we usually talk everyday. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

    Depends, was he much different when u guys were just dating?

    • But if u are concerned then the only way is to really voice it to him. He won't know and mayb he is really just tired lately.
      But i dont think he will take it the wrong way if u just say whats on ur mind.

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    • He was very shy when I met him. He doesn't talk much at all.. LOL!! Even when we dated he kept to him self. So no he hasn't change at all with me. I just think that he is probably really tired.

    • Ah i see. Thats good then. All is normal.

      But if u feel a bit neglected u can always tell him, I guess. Thats what I would do (although not exactly using those words lol)

  • No but I do that. I'm tired and don't want to talk and need to relax. Stop asking, do something else, don't ever around. He will wonder eventually ;)

    • Okay I didn't get the last part don't ever around he will wonder eventually? Didn't understand

    • Autocorrect, sorry. I meant don't be around and he will come looking for you ;)