Which one would you choose for a wedding?

I am getting married next year and I wear plugs. The theme is rustic, and the dress is some what like this
Which one would you choose for a wedding?

What one do you like best?


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  • I like the second best, then 4th, then 1st. The third is a little bit eccentric cause you can see through the earlobes..

    • Thank you. The ones I have in right now are tunnels so it wouldn't shock anyone lol. I like them in that order as well :-)

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    • I see. The blog was about actively massaging them or doing certain things to make them smaller. Anyway, I'm not sure how many people actually regret their body mods after 10-20 years. I'm not 100% certain I wouldn't, that why I didn't do anything.

    • Good choice. I always tell people to be at least 95% sure. You don't want a permanent mistake lol. I will like mine, I just may have to change what I put in them lol


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    • lol no sir :-)

    • Good, I'm glad you got the 'sir' part right - that's an important step and seeing as you did I'll give you a few important tips - as I work in a photography wedding studio. Don't have your guys and grooms wearing shiny grey or blue suits, they produce something called 'moire' in photographs which is very hard to remove, especially the blue ones. Also don't wear tons of eye shadow, us photoshop users can remove wrinkles easily nowadays (unless your a complete hack) Eye shadow on the other hand makes it look like you've been out on the piss the night before - same goes for too much makeup, it makes you look like someone rubbed oranges all over your face. Also no brides maids wearing orange dresses for the same reason. Red, purple, white, blue etc are fine - red always looks great as well as purple and don't get a dress with lots of shiny sparkly gems in it, unless you want to look like a Christmas tree.

      I'm also against marriage by the way but I'll spare you my opinions... good luck.

    • My guy and his friends are going with a look more like www.glamourandgraceblog.com/.../...ur-Grace-06.jpg
      and no way would I put my girls in orange. But thanks for the tips. :-)

  • I like option C with that dress

  • 3rd or 4th. I think the 2nd is my least favorite, actually.

  • Its a trap run!!!


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