Would you attend a wedding ceremony that has no reception to follow?

There will still be a brief 30min to an hour meet and greet with the cutting of the cake and other refreshments. However, the bride and groom are in a rush to get it on with the honeymoon and travel.


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  • Why would you not go? If you are only in it for the reception then you obviously miss the point of the ceremony.

    • Well its actually my wedding. I dont think I can feed all of these guests and I feel that they won't attend unless food is involved. The rehearsal dinner will basically be the reception for really close family...

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    • Yeah, that's what my mom says to, but at least you get the day YOU want without compromising for other people.

    • True :)

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  • Yeah, it wouldn't be as great, but I'd attend.

  • Sure id go. Im happy for them, so id go.

    • Glad to know! Maybe its just the majority of my family. They say its no fun if a reception isn't involved.

  • I don't go to wedding receptions because of my daughter anyways so i don't see what the problem is.

    • Why because of your daughter? Is she an infant? I dont believe in those weddings that dont allow children

    • Nah she's two and a half but i don't like her being around people who drink so i wouldn't take her to a wedding reception xD

    • I plan to have an alcohol free wedding especially since it will take place around noon. I am considering champagne though

  • Still attend. I understand cost and stuff but they need to remember that if they have friends and family coming from out of town to see them they need to help make their stay worth while. The honeymoon can wait a day or so.

    • There isn't really any out of town family. They all live within an hour or less.

    • So the wedding is not about the love of the couple, it's about the relatives? They could easily come a day early if they want to spend time with them before they leave.

  • Weddings are so boring so yeah I wouldn't mind.

    • Lol quick 1 hour wedding with refreshments than everyone can get on with their day

  • No I would not, that's a waste of time.

    • How is it a waste of time? I dont feed you, so you dont have to buy me a gift. Instead I get to profess my love and you get to witness it. Sounds fair to me.