If after marraige you see that your wife is still in touch with her exes and moves around with them, would you mind and allow her to do so with trust?

Again when you ask her not to meet her exes, then she says its her own life and she can do anything and go with anyone and you should not interfere, how will you deal? Does after marraige husband holds any right or possesion for his wife?


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  • I am still in touch with a bunch of my exes and my husband stayed in touch with a bunch of his. Hell, several of the wedding attendants were exes, and I was in the wedding of one of my exes. My husband totally trusted me and I totally trusted him. That said, maybe you and your wife can find a more mutually respectful way to manage this than with her telling you it's her life and you shouldn't interfere while you tell her you have some possession rights over her. Do you really not trust her? After all, she already knew all of them and she still chose you.

    • Then whats the point of breaking up with them if they were more interesting for her... and whats the point of marraige? we are humans , we have feelings... and emotions... its not about trusting... its about responsiblity and emotions... we already know they had relationships (sex too). with them... and now still she wants their company... what does that mean? she favours them more then the husband...

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    • On trust: My current boyfriend was blindsided by his cheating wife - he really had no idea she was going to leave him. Oddly, he still seems to trust me completely, and I really don't know how me manages that. But I do know that I'd rather take a chance on getting hurt and believe in my partner than live my life wondering what he'll get away with if I don't watch him like a hawk. That's just. me.
      On one little thing: it sounds like giving up those exes is more important to your wife than "one little thing" and that the two of you maybe weren't entirely clear about what the deal was you thought you were making when you got married. So no matter what _I_ think, you and your wife need to talk, and you both need to try really really hard to listen to what the other one says through the other one's point of view. My favorite vow was "I will value what is important to you simply because it was important to you." That's hard, but it served us well.

    • Yes that should be the vow... but its not followed in this case though... thank you for helping me with your opinion... all the best :)

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  • she's right then... who am i to tell who she should meet and not... if i do... it means i don't trust her

    • Yes... Means she should be allowed the same freedom and freeness to do whatever she wants ( sllep with exes, party with them, spend nights with them, etc)?

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    • Ok... thank you for your opinion...:)

    • u r welcome :)


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  • I don't think anyone really has possession, but out of respect she should not hang with her ex's if you had a good valid reason. personally I think ex's are ex's for a reason, and I'm not friends with any of them, sure there's those few who pop out out of nowhere, but i'm in a different place and they are left behind.

    • But if she wants to keep contact and move around with them, then ca the husband say anything or take action for it?

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    • I wouldn't exactly comfortable, she isn't exactly respecting your wishes!

    • Thank you...:)

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  • No the fuck he doesn't. If y'all married and you can't seem to trust her still, that's a problem you need to overcome.

  • After marriage, it's not her life anymore, it's "our" life. Just as she has a say about anywhere i go, i have a say about wherever she goes with whomever. If you wanna keep "your life", don't get married.