How long do you think you'll stay married?

If/when you get married that is. I've been married for 26 years now.


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  • It entirely depends on a lot of factors here.

    The absolute earliest, and I mean EARLIEST I see myself getting married is at 30 years old. I don't plan on ever divorcing. I live a healthy lifestyle and I've never had any health problems, so I'll project I'll live to be 100 years old (it's a stretch though.) Let's just assume I marry a woman who is in the same health state as me and she also lives to 100. I'll project the longest I'll ever be married (and this is a huge stretch) is 70 years.

    A more realistic prediction will probably be 40 years at the longest I'll be married.

    It's tough to say since I've never even dated or had sex before, let alone get married.


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  • as long as she and I love respect stay faithful to my marriage loyal to my wife and work on our marriage! it takes WORK! And by the way my crystal ball is broken!

  • im in my 12th year and going strong. God bless.