Saddest wedding?

Iv been with my boyfriend for 3 and half years and we have a baby together, we both want to make the next step in our lives (marrage). Iv been wanting a wedding for a while to tie the last past of our lives together. But unfortunity my family and i arnt really close anymore and they never talk to me or visit or anything. My boyfriend mom has treated me better in 3 years than i own mother in my whole life. She took care of eerything from diapers to clothes to housing. Now if i doget married who from my family will be there? it will be the saddest wedding ever... I miss my family but they are so involved in their own lives they dont really show interest in mine...

Sorry I see few spelling mistakes! Marriage, unfortunately, everything


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  • YOU are getting married not your family ok? If they care anything about u your future they shouldn't avoid or ignore u at all! If they are not interested in u no matter the excuse don't hold off marriage your future because of them ok? They need to treat u with respect stop carrying grudges against u! There is no reason they should drag u down making u unhappy! And u have a kid now go get married the right thing to do with your man u and your kid is now your future and your responsibility! This is your life and future u control it and its up to u how u want your future! If your family refuses to attend your wedding its their loss they are the losers here!


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  • Why not just do a small simple wedding with just the both of you?

    It doesn't have to be some big ceremony.
    Sure that's every girls dream but you have to look at reality , you don't have the sufficient means (income) and barely anyone on your side will be there.

    The celebration is for you and your husband to celeb the beginning of your life together.

    You should be contented with that.

    If you have a family that is selfish you can't really hope for a miracle to happen here.
    You just sort of have to deal with reality.
    (Assuming you've already stressed to your family how important this all is to you and they still haven't made efforts to change ).


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  • So is this marriage, out of baby lock? (He thinks he needs to marry because he's a father)?

    • No no not at all! out daughter is 2 now and we both said we won't make the mistake in getting married because of a baby! We live together, do everything together and we are very happy. He has no pressure with marriage just something we want

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    • I highly suggest it. It'd be better than GAG, at least

    • HAHAAH thanks we will try

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  • What's the question, should you invite them or no?

    • HAHAHA yeah and does it matter?- I know it matters to me because I ant them to be happy for me and not me sitting there and only seeing his family...

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    • If they don't then that is their loss. Your wedding day is about you and your man. of course it is nicer to celebrate with family, but family is what you make it.

    • I hope they will... Ill just have to ask thanks

  • Have a small wedding, invite who you want to. Invite your mom and siblings, if they don't want to go then that's on them. But you don't need to invite them too. it can just make that day for you more stressful.