Could you be married to someone and not know all there secrets?

say you have something you haven't done but almost did that ur ashamed of and ur SO will likely not like the idea, so is it better to roll the dice and say it and ur both hurt or keep it in and hope to forget it.

keep in mind this is just hypothetical butits the ultimate goal, there's a girl i like that would hate if i actually did it and be upset and maybe likely leave me if she found out, cus its fucked up.


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  • In this scenario... you already did the right thing. Life throws temptation our way, often. When you choose to be honorable it is a win. There is a reason you did not do whatever it was... so there really is not a need to bring it up and make her feel insecure. The only reason to let her know is if you still struggle with the temptation to do it. Honestly, relationships go through ups and downs. You will struggle, but in the end if you mutually respect each other you can make it through anything. Best of luck.


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  • Yes, watch mr. And mrs. Smith


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  • There are things that you should keep for yourself, otherwise the posibility of ruining your relationship is there

  • Yeah, some things are best kept to ourselves


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