How can you tell if a guy doesn't like you or he is just shy?

There is this guy I like and I can tell that he is very attracted to me... so much so that I think I kind of make him nervous. We also connect on an... Show More

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  • I'd give it a little time to see if he responds, usually though it would be a bit odd to start a message with specifics like times or days. The first message is to get a feel for if he is interested in seeing you in some way (be that as friends or on a date). If you've already sent 2 messages I'd leave it a week. Then if there's nothing coming your way you might want to either A. leave it (probably for the best) of B. send another message to try and get a response or catch him in person and pose the question casually then.

    • Thanks! Do you think he might have expected me to set a time and day... since he is nervous? I am not sure what to think... I figure I'll wait a couple weeks and if he doesn't say anything I'll send him an email a couple days and advance and say remember that coffee... what about friday or something like that!

    • I wouldn't have thought he'd expect a set time and date in the original message no.What you are suggesting there would be fine to move forward with though, if you get nothing back from that email then he is definitely not worth worrying that much about. If he comes back to you fine, he's showing an interest of sorts and you can judge that as you see fit.