(Asking for a friend) What would you do in this situation?

He has been married for ten years and for those ten years his wife has helped very little with the house. She prefers to sleep all the time out of boredom. Medically she is fine, no diabetes. She refuses to cook because she refuses to learn how. When she does make something, it is only for herself. She always says that she wants to move back home with her parents but does not want to get divorce. She works only 25-30 hours aweek at a minimum wage job but when she is not working, she is watching trash TV ie Jerry springer instead of taking care of the house which is falling apart. He work two jobs, cook, clean, mow the acre yard, takes care of all the animals ie a complete farm. usually he only am able to sleep 5 hours if he am lucky because he has to do everything.


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  • Tell her to pack her bags


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  • Wow I love spoiling my husband. Marriage is suppose to be team work I would leave her ass. With no hesitation.


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  • Well, that's definitely NOT a marriage I would want to stay in. I think the bigger question, though, is why he stayed with her for 10 years. Marriage should be an equal partnership, and she clearly hasn't been doing her part.

  • Find him a good woman so he can make the transition emotionally more easily and get over it quicker when he lose half his money by divorcing this cunt.


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