Is taking a break the right thing to do?

My boyfriend and I are going through a really hard time. We've been dating a little over a year(best friends for 4) and it seems like all we do is fight. . All we are doing is hurting each other. We were engaged and supposed to get married in may but I felt we weren't ready for that. I don't think either of us are happy but we love each other too much to just end it but its gone to the point where I had to move out to give us some space and I have been thinking about breaking up a lot lately so I thought a break would be a good idea to figure out what I want without hurting him in the process. But when I brought it up it just p*ssed him off and hurt him more. Was the break a bad idea or should we just work things out together? Or the worst...Break up?


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  • When you are already having so many arguements before marriage, getting married and living together 24/7 is only going to fuel the situation even more. You need to get him to calm down and discuss the matter in a mature manner. A break to cool things off, to reflect on the relationship is a good idea. And yes, even if it comes to the worse, breaking up, doing it now is a lot cleaner than dealing with all the legal complications associated with divorce.


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  • I'm thinking a break was a good idea, he may not like it, but if you know in your heart that it's the best thing for your relationship.. then I say go for it. I know how you feel about loving each other so much that you just can't break up, you've worked too hard the past year to make it work, there's no point in giving all of that up.

    BUT working it out sounds like that would work out for him much more, he just has to be willing to really work on it, and if both of you really want to make this work, then I say talk with him about it. And make a plan that can work for both of you!

    I hope everything works out!