Who all do you plan to invite to your wedding?

I'd love to leave it at me, her, both our parents, grandparents, and siblings. However, her grandmother wants us to invite several distant relatives. They aren't really distant but we can't stand them. Anyways, The list has basically gone from 30 guests to 250. I know its our wedding, and I know we can't afford to feed all these people, but its only right we invite them to ours since they invited us to theirs. The wedding is darn near $20k now.


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  • Thankfully neither of us have huge families so I'd say immediate families, grandparents, and then aunts, uncles and cousins with whom we are actually close. I've never bought into the idea that people should be invited based on their blood relationship but instead based on how importabt they are in your life. So, just because we invite one aunt or cousin with whom we are super tight does not mean we must invite one that we only see once every couple years at a family gathering.

    Besides family then probably 10-15 friends per side. Again, only ones we're close with.

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    • I've done my count and on my side I've got 35 people, mostly couples, so if all the single one brought a guest it'd still be under 50 for my side. And there are even a couple cuts I could make or perhaps I'd not invite the singles to bring guests, meaning my side could easily be under 35.

      I do not want a large wedding and for me the deciding factor in whether I want someone there or not is whether I expect them to still be in our lives in a significant and meaningful way ten, fifteen, twenty years down the road (you know, not counting the ones who'll probably be dead..)

    • Yea im not allowing "plus ones"

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  • boss, coworkers, friends, old teachers, cousins, uncles, aunts, parents, her grandparents, and siblings


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  • If we did get married, I have quite a large family who'd all want to be invited. For the ceremony, we have to invite my parents, all of my grandparents, and my uncles, aunts and cousins. He'd want his mother there (and his step-father would have to come by default even though he's not particularly wanted), his brother and his grandparents. Our close friends would have to come. It'd be a small ceremony hopefully, but I think the evening would be very expensive to cater to all of my family.

  • My immediately family, half of my extended family or maybe one third and maybe a couple of friends from church.

  • i would only invite our family and best feinds.


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