Some women want relationships but then think about cheating with more attractive men?

It goes to show you that looks mean so much more than a connection. Would you agree?

  • Yes, looks mean much more and could get a married woman to cheat.
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  • No, looks are important but so is the connection.
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  • its not that they are necessarily more attractive, I think this woman just felt wanted and attractive herself. Something her husband lets her know but she has got so used to hearing she enjoyed hearing it from a stranger.


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  • The woman in that article seems as though she had been stressed out lately and felt overwhelmed with all her responsibilities in her life... She felt the need to get out of her mind a little and have a little fun... To forget about her said responsibilities and reality... Some people go overboard sometimes...
    But it doesn't make what she was going to right.

  • Some girls have no respect


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