Separated, thinking about divorce?

Is it good for spouse to ignore each other during separation? Nothing ever worked out so we both decided to ignore each other. This is our second separation, spouse cheated on our first. Im thinking about divorce because i feel like he's sleeping w other women again. The thing is im pregnant, but still, things aren't worked out. And he has said many times that he does not want to be with me anymore. But although he says that, he won't file divorce papers at all. He just went on with his own life and leave it as it is.


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  • Unfortunately it sounds like the marriage is over if you are ignoring eacther and other people are involved. Also if he has said he doesn't want to be in the relationship anymore it's pretty clear where he stands. Maybe he doesn't want to be the one to file for divorce or maybe he doesn't acknowledge divorce is the next step rather just separate. The fact that you are pregnant doesn't make things any easier but at the end of the day think about your well being as well as the little one's and have a serious chat with him about what next. All the best.


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  • He probably dont want to lose you but its kinda torchoring because he's ignoring you.. But he's not filing divorce so maybe he wants that things get on its way.. all you need is to solve out problems.. because divorce should be last nd least option


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