That catch phrase "happy wife, happy life" does that mean the woman is in control of the house and the husband is beneath her?

Like in other words it doesn't matter if he's not happy, that doesn't mean the wife and kids will have a miserable day but it's different if it's the other way around... How come you never hear people say happy husband, happy life?

Do wives have to stroke their husbands ego by making him think he's in control, but really the wife is and can it also be men stroking the wife's ego by making her think she's in control?

  • A.) yeah he's beneath her
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  • B.) No he's not beneath her
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  • C.) both husband and wife are equal
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  • But I wouldn't make everything her way because I'll be unhappy. I'll just make sure I have a woman who I will marry who will let me the man of the relationship.


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What Girls Said 2

  • it depends that saying is definitely true for my parents lol. i would say my mom is more controlling of things interfmaily, while my dad is more in control of the intrafamily stuff.

  • It just means that if she is unhappy, obviously there won't be any playfulness.

    And that would ruin your mood too.

    So things would be bitter, boring, OE frustrating.

    And yeah, I guess the husbands can do the same.

    • A real man should know not to let her think she can use playfulness as a secret weapon to get anything she wants.

What Guys Said 4

  • It just means she can make your life hell just as much as it can be returned

  • A guy has 3 rings in the process of marriage. Engagement ring, Wedding ring, suffer-ring πŸ˜‚

  • No, it means your wife will make your life hell if she is unhappy lol.

  • I dont think that is what it means originally, but that is what certain wives take it as. If yours is one of them, call of the wedding!