How to design a wedding after already being married for over a year?

So my husband and I got married on July 1st of this year and are planning on having an actual wedding celebration sometime mid to late next year.
(Before somebody sees fit to criticize us, I'd just like to say that early marriage was necessary to protect out relationship from forces outside our control. And because it was so sudden, nothing was organized. I got married in sneakers, ripped jeans, and a Five Finger Death Punch tee; so we'd like an official do-over with a white dress.)

Any ideas to design this wedding? I think instead of super official vows we'll sit down and write our own together. Probably keep it lighthearted with lines like "I promise to not deny being hungry and then eat half of what you order". And have a close friend or family member stand in the officiate's spot. And then instead of a really dressed up reception I'll have a big BBQ at my parent's house? I still want cake and pictures- most of the whole wedding package. But not so fancy; I'd like to be a princess, but not a boring one.


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  • My brother and sister in law did the same thing but for different reasons, and I may do the same thing myself here in a bit. I have also been to a LOT of weddings over the past few years and I can say one thing in common about 75% of them have. Weddings are boring as hell. You have an opportunity to have some real fun with it.

    “Official vows” are dull and don’t really mean as much, writing them yourself not only makes them more personal, and entertaining to your guests, but they mean so much more coming from your heart. The best vows I ever heard was at my cousin’s wedding a month ago. His wife spent a good five minutes spurting off calculations to prove that because she was younger than him they had been together for a longer percentage of her life than his life therefore meaning that she loved him more than he loved her. It was fun, cute, and it had real love behind it. They also had a 23 year old flower girl which was amazing…

    My Brother’s wedding had the best reception I have ever been too because there was something for every one of the 200+ guests there. Open bar, karaoke, cigar/whisky table, arcade cabinets, board games, dancing, home brewed beer, a DJ. It was just all around good fun with good people. Your back yard BBQ sounds like you are shooting for the same sort of thing but you should totally do the one thing he did not… get a bounce house.


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  • If you don't mind me asking, what forced the sudden marriage and how long have you been together? My mother is a wedding planner and if you give me some more details I could possibly send a view pointers and ideas your way.

    • We're both active duty military and my husband wasn't guaranteed to be able to stay at our current station. Things got pretty unstable so we made the only move we could to counteract it; we got married, so if he moves the government has to try and move me with him and vice versa. It's been working well since then, no threat of pemenant separation. We've been together for about a year and a half now.

    • Well I am glad things are going well for you! Given your military background, are there certain times that you guys are both in your home town on leave that would make a wedding more convenient or possible?

    • Next year we'll have late spring, summer, and fall guaranteed to us. We may be gone for two-four week trips occasionally but we won't deploy until winter at the earliest so a wedding date can be pinned down in the near future. We're both deployed right now so things won't start to come together for a few months.


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  • My sister is getting married in less than a year (about the same time you are thinking of getting married). The first things you need to focus on are looking for a wedding venue. If you want to hire somewhere you need to start looking now because from what I have seen they can be booked out a year in advance. You need to decide on your venue and get a deposit down on it to secure it. The other thing you need to look at about a year before you want the wedding is hiring a professional photographer, they can also be booked out about a year in advance. I would recommend spending money on a professional photographer because that is your memories and you want good ones, same thing applies here decide on a professional photographer and get a deposit down.


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  • That's a very serious vow lol I always eat half of my guys food 😊 It sounds lovely and gives you a memorable day and some excitement. You could have a themed wedding something that corresponds to something you did on your actual wedding day to link the two.