What type of engagement ring should I get?

My boyfriend and I have decided to get engaged within the next two years. So we've been looking at engagement rings, my only dilemma is that diamonds are so expensive and I don't really like the look of diamond alternatives. I'm getting a round halo style ring and wasn't sure if I should just get a very small carat diamond or look at other alternatives. What do you think is best?


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  • It is supposed to be up to him to decide what type of ring to buy you. After all it is a gift in contemplation of marriage

    Anyway, what about a man made diamond? Some places call them “Simulated Diamond”. They are grown in a lab instead of dug out of the ground. Even though you don’t like the “look” of diamond alternatives, you cannot tell the difference looking at them. Not even a jeweler looking at it can tell looking at them. It takes laboratory testing to know which is which.

    They cost significantly less, and are generally indistinguishable from natural diamonds.

    Once place to look is here:



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  • Anything that will make u happy. U don't have to get something just bc that's what other people get. Get what suits u and what u like.


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  • There are many different types of stones and gems available. Spinel, peridot and citrine are my favorites. You should look up the different gems that are available.

  • you should get the ring you want to get... doesn't have to be diamond... as long as you like it