These guys constantly bother me...why is this?

They are my guy friends and I have to admit, I AM a huge pushover. They say things like "take off your mask!" and always put my name into a conversation to make fun of me. I always react by saying "oh that's so funny (sarcasm)" and occasionally when it goes too far and it starts to hurt my feelings, I don't say anything and they make sure to mention that they were kidding and that they are sorry. I asked them why they do this and they say it's because my reaction is funny. I sometimes think they hate me because they don't do this to any other girls. Are they just playing around or actually want to hurt me?


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  • Pretty sure they're just punking you. It's how guys communicate. We ride each other a lot for all the dumb stuff we do. I know my saying this won't change anything, but don't take it to heart. If they're giving you sh*t, deal it right back. They'll respect you and you might even get a laugh or two from them.


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  • they probably see you as one of the guys and because you engage in it and tolerate them making fun of you is why they do it. they always say, you teach people how to treat you. they don't do this to other girls because other girls don't engage them on that level. its how you act and carry yourself.

    • What do you mean by "dont engage them on that level" ?

    • Stop acting like one of the guys