Marriage fell apart?

My "husband" and I dated three years before he proposed and it was perfect. We both worked hard on our relationship and it all seemed perfect. This past month he announced he wanted a divorce.. I was raised in a household where divorce isn't an option and I dont know what to do anymore. I love this man and I want to continue trying but he is giving up. Any experience? He isn't telling me why either.


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  • Well, I am not sure what happened, but I think the communication between you two have fallen apart, and communication is a part of healthy relationships. You can never know unless he tells you why he needs a divorce. I mean at at least you deserve to know the reason behind his thinking.

    • He won't tell me though

    • Well, that's really sad!. It's sad to know that one partner wants to work things out and the other is not communicating, that's not right. I hope you are okay, though.

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  • How long have the 2 of you been married? Is this a new marriage?

    • About 7 years

    • I've never been married but sounds like the two of you have been having problems for awhile. Do the two of you communicate well? I wouldn't walk away so easily. I would give him some space, though. It sounds like the 2 of you need some time apart!

    • We had problems with my emotional issues but we both communicated. I just can't lose him. I love him too much :( I dont want him to go off for another though/


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  • the key word that raised the red flag was "WORKED"!
    Love is effortless and seemingly easy. it is a beautiful energy that spills over of gratitude and excitement, that has a life of it's own and is nothing like work at all. Both people just absolutely know you are loved by the other with out question and communication is endless. empathy even stronger for the other. That is what love made for marriage is.
    Marriage doesn't make love.

    I was also married before and I was the lonelier sleeping next to her than if I was by myself.

    Today I have that effortless love.

  • Ask him if he can and will go to counseling with you. Tell him that you love him and you still want to make this work. If he still doesn't want to make it work, then your last resort is to try contesting the divorce in court. After that, there's nothing else you can do.


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  • The best thing for you to do... is to get this over as soon as possible. Then get on with your life.

  • You need to talk to him.