Girls, Just it's really hurting?

My friend is short heighten. She is only 4.11 ft. Her friend once ask a question to her. Her friend ask her when will she get married. She replied to her after 3 or 4 year she would get married. Her friend said her no one will marry her because she looks kid (little girl). After that her friend again said her find a man same to yours height in a ironic tone. Is that hurting or not?

Sorry for bad English. ...


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  • go get English lessons I didn't understand one thing you said

    • It's means a girl is short heighten. Another girl said to her no one will marry her because she looks like a kid and of short heighten... is that hurting. ... just saying that... sorry for bad English I am from Asia. ...

    • there is no such thing as short heighten i think you mean just short so you would rather say that your friend is short therefore she looks like a kid and no one will marry her

    • Is that hurting or not...


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  • Yes that was really rude of your friend to say. she's the kind of girl who will stab you in the back when you least expect it, id say drop her and find someone new who isn't so insecure about herself that she's willing to put others down... u may never know when ur next!

    • My friend said to me she never thought in such way about herself. She is self conscious about her now. She is now thinking no one would marry her.( in fact everyone in this world can gets married either of any size and shape.) A person can get married if he is ugly or short or black or fat... y she was passed such a rude comments. ...

  • Well, it depends on the girl I think.. she could take it sarcastically and just shrug it off, but that's not what moat of girls do... Its possible that she will get hurt.. If its for me I would have gotten affected a bit.. Coz my height isn't something I have control over it.. And if someone tells me that no guy would want me for my height, it could get to me

  • most of men would prefer short girls
    nothing to worry about