Love or infactuation?shall I propose?how shall I propose?

A girl lived in the other portion of my house for about 12 years. She is beautiful. I feel attracted to her. I had imagined of having sex with her. She has a brother who is my best friend.

she is the best girl I have ever seen in both character and beauty.

she is the best thing that can happen to me in this whole world.

her family has a good opinion on me. They vacated from our house 2 years ago,but I still go to their home. I am now 18 but I

have this attraction for her from my childhood. What do you think?

is it love or infatuation? I am terrified of the fact that she hates love? She doesn't talk to boys that much? Is right for me to ask her opinion of marrying me after our studies are over? She is doing medical and i am doing engg. At a good college? Please help me


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  • I think even tho you have known her for your whole life ( almost ) proposing to her just like that might scare her a bit.

    another thing , have you even dated her yet? Or at least told her about your feelings towards her? I think you might want to do either one of those and see how she reacts to that before you ask her to marry you out of the blue.


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  • Not only do you need to date, you need to figure out if you actually like her before talking marriage. You're not even sure you're in love with her, but you're wondering if you should marry her?! Put marriage out of your mind and concentrate on deciding if you will tell her how you feel. Maybe it WILL end up being just an infatuation from childhood, but if you don't give it a try (and I'm not talking a proposal! ) you will never know, and you'll keep fantasizing about her!

    *good luck!

  • Okay well first of all. You need to date before asking anything about marriage. You need to find out if she feels the same way about you. If she does then start off wit dating her. Don't scare her off. It might be love or it might be infatuation, dating her will help you find that out. Do you want her for sex or more then that? That will answer if it is love or infatuation


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  • Meet, date, marry. Don't skip the date and go straight for the marry.