Did anyone marry their high school sweetheart?


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  • Planning on it.

    We got together senior year on HS and are planning a 2018 wedding.

    • How'd you meet? :D That's awesome!!!

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    • Hey, my guy and I attend schools in different states. It works.

    • *sigh* I know it works... We'd make it work... But we are both clingy and I miss him so much it hurts when I don't see him for a day... It's worth it to stay with him... So I'll deal with it if he goes away. I don't want to hold him back EVER.


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  • Hoping to...

  • I'm a senior and would consider myself in love with my boyfriend. He graduated early but we still dated. I do not think I am ready to marry yet, but when I am I can totally see it being to him. I saw you said you plan to marry yours, good luck! How long have you been together?

    • Only 7 months so far. But in that short time we've never really fought. The little arguments we've had we've worked out. Our parents both believe we will make it through high school... His mom calls me the one lol XD And I don't know... I just feel like.. I've found my other person you know? :D

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    • I'm glad to hear it! Lol :)

  • Well i have been living with my "husband" for 6 years since i was in 8th grade lol we have 2kids and we had some good years and wish there was more to come also we haven't gotten married but he has talked about it and we probably would this coming yr :)