To go along with my other question: if there was no alimony, would you be more or less likely to marry?

If there was no alimony whatsoever, would you be more or less willing to marry?
Or are there other things of marriage and divorce that scare you?

  • Yes, if there was no alimony, I'd be MORE likely to marry.
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  • No, even if there was no alimony, I still would NOT want to marry regardless.
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  • No, if there was no alimony, I'd be LESS likely to marry.
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  • It would not affect my decision but marriage is not in the cards for me most likely.

    • Will you marry me?

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    • Gah well what shall I do when I want someone to talk to and or sleep with?

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  • Im determined to marry my bitch ! it would be a bonus

  • It would be a start but there is much more that needs done.

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    • lol k

      It all basically means neither party is allowed to fuck over the other and that the well being of the children are the priority.

    • I'll marry you.

  • I vote D : Alimony didn't figure into my decision one way or the other to marry.

  • It wouldn't make a difference :)

    "Or are there other things of marriage and divorce that scare you?". Yes, being married :P

    • What's so scary about marriage?

    • I admit I have commitment phobia/relationship anxiety. Just thinking abut being married or in a relationship gives me panic attacks. Tachycardia, I can't breath... these things. So, yep, not for me! :)

  • Not only no alimony, but there needs to be a whole overhaul of the joke called "the family court system". The arbitrary division of assests, and the whole nonsense of default custody of children to the mother. That is sexist beyond belief. Dads love their children just as much.

    • I agree. A lot of it seems skewed in our favor, and I disagree with it. There needs to be reform.

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    • I don't. But it's mostly men getting fucked over. 97% of alimony recipients are lazy ass women.
      Though the percentage of men is increasing, I still feel that no one should be paying for their exes. That's absurd to me. It's mostly lazy women who benefit, which is why I'm directing to women.

    • Its also courts more likely to grant women alimony lol.

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