Guys, What would u do?

I am a virgin n lets say by any chance i do hook up with a guy in future that doesn't end up being my husband... as my husband would u be ok with it if u ever found out? Especially if u r an indian originated guy.


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  • I've heard scary shit about Indian culture (I assume you mean Hindu type Indian, not Native American) and virgins and marriage. But as a regular hippy white dude it wouldn't bother me at all. Depends on culture a lot though. I would normally say do what feels right for you, culture be damned. But in some parts of the world crazy mafuckas kill people for that.

    I wouldn't care in Murica.

    • my family originates from india but here in africa they like ve a small india n like i am dating coz duh i belong to this era so if things get out of hand then what will happen if my hubby finds out n if he isn't the guy i slept with... its not a 100% anyways that u marry the person u slept with once upon a time

    • Yeah no clue for that part of the world. But as long as you're clean, like use STD prevention n stuff. I wouldn't care one bit. But there are definitely cultures where for some reason men want a virgin wife. I think if you weren't a virgin you should just tell your possible husband.
      I mean what if you get married, you guys never talked about sex, you're a virgin and he has full blown AIDS on top hepatitis C? And you just somehow never noticed he was dying. Seems like you would talk before getting married.

    • haha ya very true

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  • In this era, yes
    Everyone has done something and if they haven't lol we need a psych evaluation for them

  • He probably wouldn't be thrilled about it, especially if he saved himself more marriage.

  • How exactly would your husband "not find out"? lmao.

    • I don't know but i feel like he would find out so then would he be ok with it or not

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    • Frankly even elite Indians have low standards by my standards.

    • oh ok tnx

  • No way.. im not ok with that.. By the way iam from india..

    • y wouldn't u be ok with that

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    • no tell me here

    • No.. cum to inbox..