Any ideas as to how I can surprise my husband that i'm pregnant?

I'm pregnant and i wanted to surprise my husband. I am sure he is going to be so happy and emotional when i break the news to him.

Do you guys/girls have an ideas for me, please :)

thanks in advance


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  • Just sit him down and be all serious. Have like this envelope and then saysomething like this. 'Ive been thinking a lot... and i dont think this marriage is working. I just feel like i need a new person in my life. This is so important to me and I have to do this. I need someone special in my life. So I've been waiting so long to tell u... Im pregnant!

    • haha, Ooh, he will freak out. I mean the world to him, i don't want to torture him, haha. thanks for the idea tho :)

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  • We had bad infertility problems so for us it was the best news in the world.

    We got family pictures done and so the photographer had us write what we want for Christmas on a chalk board and stand back to back then she took pics of both and on mine I had my hand on my mouth with the shhh action with a sheepish look and it said we are having a baby! And he had no idea so when she showed us the pics it took him a second and then he freaked out. He was sooo happy and surprised plus it was a great way to announce it to everyone else eventually :)

    • Awwww, that is so sweet. He must have been so happy. My husband has always wanted a baby since our second date and i'm sure he is going to be so thrilled and i can't even keep a straight face anymore as i just want to tell him.

      That was a very sweet idea. if i may ask, is it a baby girl/boy?
      thank you for sharing :) <3

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    • I wish you so much happiness also! You should definetly update when you tell him! Good luck with your bundle of joy!!!

    • Thank you so much!! I will update him. You too :) :) <3


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  • My wife put the pregnancy test in plain view when I got home from work (but she had already hinted at the possibility)

    • Nice!! He has been waiting for a long time and i just want to do something great to break the news to him.

  • My wife got me a card and gave it to me. It was cute. I just sat there reading it like.. wuuuuuut? Then the lightbulb came on.

  • Aw Congratulations


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  • My boyfriend and I are both somewhat goofy people, so here are the ways I would tell him:

    1. Put the test on his pillow or somewhere else he will find it with a post-it note that says "So guess what."

    2. Order a cake at a bakery and have them write something like "So I'm going to get really fat soon." Maybe have them do pacifier decorations or something so he actually knows what I mean lol. Even better, I could bring the cake to his workplace to embarrass him.

  • Next meal you have together set it for one more person then you normally would. When he asks just tell him the two of you will be expecting another addition to the table soon.

    • Awww, thanks. I LOVE IT. He will go ecstatic for sure. Can't wait to tell him :) !!


    • Oh I was going to say go to a nice and fancy place for a dinner date but that sounds better.

    • @Octavius I thought about that too but a home meal may be more personal and it may seem weird telling the host to seat for 3

      @asker you're very welcome! :)