Is age difference should present between the couples who were marrying? What should the age difference?


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  • The importance of age difference depends on the age of the couple. If you're in your twenties, you'd really want someone within a few years of your own age. As people get older, they become more mature and have more life experience so therefore a bigger age difference becomes less and less of an issue.

    Using myself as an example, my boyfriend is 12 years younger than me, we've been together for almost a year. We get along well. However, if I started dating him when he was 20 and I was 32, it would have been a disaster.


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  • Yes, men should be older than women by 3-15 years.

    This is so that they are more experience and can take a woman's reigns without much difficulty.


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  • I think a small age difference is best for most people. A huge age difference can cause problems because of differences in maturity and stages in life, also culture (5o year olds are drastically different than 20 year olds)

    For me, I would not want to date anyone younger than 20 simply because of stages in life and maturity. And I would not want to date anyone about 5 years older.

  • There isn't a specific age difference, there is 11 years between my parents, one of my aunt's is a year older than her husband, (and I have many other examples) and they all work out!


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