Would you go to the wedding [Hypothetical]?

This question is kinda part of something that happened to me, but still hypothetical. Say you develop very strong feelings for a friend a few years back (as in fell in love) but for whatever reason you didn't end up together, she was your first love; you still talk to them occasionally but after 5 years the feelings haven't died.

She then gets enganged to a guy and invites you to the wedding, based on the fact that you still have feelings for her do you endure the pain of seeing her with another guy just so you can be happy or do you save yourself the pain and decline to go?

Roles are swtiched for girls

FYI: The bit that was based on my life was the bit upto the wedding section of the question


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  • Don't go to the wedding. Tell her something important came up or you had to go to a co-workers funeral etc...

    • I was thinking that, but part of me would feel obligated to go...

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    • No. You do not tell that to somebody who is about to get married. You keep it to yourself.

    • What if they already knew you had feelings for them? or would that make them a bad person for inviting someone they know has feelings for them to a wedding that wasn't their own

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  • But that would never happen.

    • Why wouldn't it?

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    • You seem very quick to give up there :p

    • I have a reputation to uphold. A very poor one.


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  • I wouldn't go, because if I did, I may just stand up and shout "I object"


  • I think etiquette dictates that you stay away, if you have feelings for someone who is getting married. You're still to send a gift though.

    • I don't know weddings had any real etiquette beyond stating whether you're bringing a +1 and a gift

    • Honey, everything has etiquette. How plebeian.

    • I've only been to 1 wedding in my life so i'm not very educated in it and i only went to the reception so...

  • I would go for HIS happiness. If I truly loved him, I'd be happy he found the One he'll want to love forever.

    • But wouldn't ti kill you on the inside seeing the guy you love (or still have feelings for) marry someone who wasn't you?

    • Yes, it would. But sometimes that's the pain of love.. loving someone until it hurts. This is an excellent example of that.

    • Haha it hurts me almost everyday knowing that me and my first love will never be together

  • Definitely not. I liked a guy didn't know he had a girlfriend at the time and told him via email.. he didn't reply back but his brother liked me. A year later they get married and are having a child and his brother kept in touch but I stayed well clear of the guy I liked and blocked his fb. Sometimes you just have to walk away and let them make their own mistakes. Focus on your own happiness and finding someone who loves and values you back.


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