What does it mean when your wife lies about stupid things all the time?

Also any of my issues or concerns I bring to my wife she blames my family when obviously they have nothing to do with it?

Is watching porn a justification for your lady to sleep with multiple other people?
I'm not trying to ask dumb questions but because of events in my own life I honestly want to know if people think they are justified to cheat on their partner because porn viewage?


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  • It means she has no respect for you at all, she just doesn't care about how you will feel and it's clear this is a sign of lack of love for you, because you never lie to the one you love and your wife clearly isn't showing any positive sign and lying to you is a sign that she is inconsiderate about your feelings.

    It's a sign of total disrespect.


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  • She may be a pathological liar, or blame others to get the spotlight off herself

  • 1) she's hiding something from you or is a pathological liar
    2) transference. related to point 1
    3) no it's not. she needs serious help


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  • She's hiding something.

  • She seems to be a habitual liar. It;s better if she seeks professional help.

  • Red Alert!! Seriously though that's not good.

    • Why red alert?

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    • Yeah and we stayed together. I don't know if she forgave me for real or added it to her list of reasons to hate me.

    • I moved her back to her hometown and she said its the first nice thing I have ever done for her... everything else just poof.. then I realized I have no proof of all the awesome things we have done together and she could totally get away with saying that and anything she wants.