How would you react if your spouse told you they only married you because they figured no one else would give them kids?

In other words, they only settled for you because they wanted children before they got "too old"

Would this sit well with you?


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  • I'd divorce her and I wouldn't pay her a single penny in child support.

    • Lol but she doesn't want child support. And she loved you. However, she didn't care if you wanted to leave her or not afterwards as long as you bore her children

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    • But thats still your kid... Why wouldn't u want to see it?

    • Because I'd have to deal with the cunt of an ex-wife.

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  • I would be very hurt, in fact it would be a deal breaker if someone said that to me

    • But what if they meant it as they do love you, but as long as they had the children they could care less what happened to you afterwards

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    • Ohh yea thats messed up

    • Yeah I can really pick em!

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  • Well, I don't have a spouse, so how can I answer this question? hypothetically perhaps?

    • I meant if this were to happen in the future

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    • Sure

    • Okay, please give me some time. I'll answer in a while.

  • as a guy someone said that to me i would be crushes and heart broken wondering would is there a reason to stay in this relationship if they dont love me


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