As an extended family member, would you feel offended if you were not invited to the wedding of someone who you THOUGHT you were close with?

If I invite extended fam who I see every other month or so, then we'd be well over 200 guests. Is it wrong that I only want to invite parents, grandparents, siblings, and maybe 3 friends? I just didn't want to have to invite my million aunts/uncles and the dozens of cousins



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  • to me i had a very small get together after getting married. this is were your parents will come in handy. if someone asks have them say you wanted a very small wedding so you could afford the honey moon or something along though lines.


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  • If you want to keep it small and intimate then thats okay, but I would want you to tell me if I thought we were close.

    • You have a point. Thanks :)

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