How can I help my wife?

Me and my wife usually take our boys to the dog shelter to help out and feed and walk the dogs. We might go tomorrow. She's kind of nervous to take our 6 year old she read on Facebook that a 9 year old got attack by pit bulls. Pits , Willers and Bulldogs are the kinds she's scared of. Little dogs , Dalmations , collies and shepherds and huskies and beagles and blue ticks and labs she doesn't mind but we rarely get those kind there. We've been going the past year I've only seen one dalmation there. Very rare we get collies. We get labs husky and pits a lot. Me and the older boys usually walk the rough ones like pits and bulls and boxers she walks little ones and labs and shepherds. They say Boxers , Pits and Bulls are mean but the ones at the shelter are big babies. When you take them out they play with you they let you sit and pet them sometimes they'll even do tricks. They must train the ones there so they're not mean like that. We never had a problem with one. They love to play and love attention. Last week we had one pit bull and husky who would put their paw in your hand and shake. They were very sweet. They even let you put them back in their cage and sit with them. I told her they're very sweet dogs there but now she wants nothing to do with them. Especailly pit bulls. It's gonna our 6 year olds first time there. He really wants to go see the dogs and play with them. How can I help her feel better?


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  • Dog shelters usually destroy the dogs with behavioral problems, because they are unlikely to find a home, and the dog shelter doesn't want to be sued, I'd say you are safe as houses with the dogs there.


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  • You need to go over dog safety with the boys. Also keep the boys away for old dogs. Little kids don't know that old dogs have sore spots you just don't touch, unless you want to get bitten.