Husband troubles?

Hi, my husband and I have been married for almost two months now. We have moved into an apartment about the weeks ago. Just FYI. But he's driving me nuts and I don't know what to do. We keep our money separate unless of an emergency. So when I tell him I'm going to buy something that is f five bucks, twenty at most, he gets all freaked out because of rent and all that. But then he will go out to eat every day, and buy new headphones or something like it's no big deal, then need some help with money to get around. My money. I'm not mad he's using my money, I'm mad that he gets upset when I spend my money, plus I ha always have money left over for savings but he didn't. He's trying to be a good husband and pay attention to what I'm saying, and we can have a half hour conversation, but then the next day he swears I never told him a thing. It drives me nuts. I know he means we'll, but it's getting on my nerves. Mind you he did this a little before marriage to. Also I am autistic and tend to not act my age at times although I try very hard to. I've decided I want to go to college, I thought he would be proud that I had a grown up goal as he would put it. But today he said that college is not as important right now. That kind of hurt. Any suggestions on what I should do, or put up with or how to handle this?


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  • Damn, married two months and already problems. See thats why i never want to get married lol. Its not fair from him to judge you for buying something with YOUR money, not to mention that he himself rats out everyday and buys headphones and stuff. That is not FAIRPLAY!

  • being autistic has nothing to do with your issue. with what i have read you are more mature and grown up than he is.
    i'm going to say this with a heavy heart but i feel it was a mistake for the both of you to get married. if he was truly a loving , caring and supportive husband he would be proud of you for wanting to better your life by going to school.


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  • It seems he has a different set of rules for himself, my ex boyfriend was like this, and I can tell you now he won't change.