Am I expecting too much?

It seems that every single boy in the whole wide world only wants a slutty, easy, pretty-faced girl.

That's not me. I'm not a slut. I have morals and standards and I protect my virginity with everything I've got. I've been dumped because I didn't want sex. (sex after marriage - I want it to be special.)

I just want a guy who really cares about me. Who can see that, although I'm not slutty or easy or whoreish, I AM smart, kind, logical,friendly and interested in a lot of things.; and he appreciates it!

(im a freshman in High School - just to give you a taste of the boys I'm dealing with.)

I KNOW I'm not going to find my "One True Love for the Rest of Forever" guy while I'm just 15, but when I look at every guy in the halls or in my neighborhood, I know they won't ever ask me on a date because I won't kiss them the first night or whatever.

I've been teased over the fact that I've been dumped over staying a virgin and not letting a guy do sexual things with me.

Am I wrong to want these things? Is it wrong to expect that out of a guy?

Because I've heard a hundred times over that "all guys are the same." and if that's true, I guess I'll never find a husband...


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  • ahahahahahahahahahahahaha... I'm sorry but this really makes me laugh AHAHAHAHA XD ok so back to your problem. I don't see one :P You'll find a guy don't worry, I can kind of relate to what you have said considering I was like you(opposite gender of course) and I wanted to save my virginity for the right one. what you need to think is that, no you are not expecting to much. Look at it this way, people who are just looking for arm candy and/or sex are expecting to little :)

    Back to my story, I am close to your age to, highschool new, or at least this one is, and I was always the little reserved person (who am I kidding, I'm not small :S) anyways... I wanted to save my virginity for someone special, I wanted to find the person that wasn't just looking for sex because there are a lot of whores in my community. And I'm glad to say I found her, now needless to say, I believe I found my soulmate, (even though I'm young ) we are not virgins anymore. Now I know I'm getting a bit off topic but we were both that way and now we are more open, more mature. I just want to show you that it's not bad to expect this from someone, it's not impossible to find someone like that either. Just keep your chin up and keep moving on trooper. The day will come, it always does :)


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  • your still pretty young to have sex so I don't think you did anythign wrong there and the guy was maybe trying to rush you at that age . so you were in your right to refuse him as your so young .

    but I think waiting till marriage might be a longtime as some people don't get married till there like late 20's early 30's and by then our best sex years have past , and if you were to get married at say 19 - 20 , those marriages don't reallly work out a lot of the time as the couple is too young and doesn't really know each other or ready for kids .

    so I'd recomend waiting a couple more years but not necessary till marriage

  • Stick with your standards. You might not find someone right away, but don't bring yourself down a level just to "cope".


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  • You're f***ing fourteen. Chill out. Most guys that age that are interested in girls at all (and are confident enough to go after them) are only interested in sex. Wait until you get older, and you will have more luck. If you're not interested in sex and you understand that it's extremely improbable that you'll find your soulmate in high school, why do you even particularly care about dating? If the guys there don't meet your standards, don't stress out about it. Be patient and you will find somebody someday.

    Also, of course all guys aren't the same. That is completely retarded and ridiculously sexist.

  • no you're not expecting too much. sorry to say but many girls your age expect too little. if you have high standards and want a boy to respect you that's a wonderful thing. what it does mean is that most guys are not going to be able to live up to that but that doesn't mean you should be like "f*** it lemme just slut myself out". be yourself. if you have beliefs stick to them. there WILL be a guy who respects that and will appreciate a virtuous young woman such as yourself. he will be harder to find but when you find him you will be glad you stayed true to yourself. the fact that you're 15 has a lot to do with it. most boys are very hormonal at that age and just want to use girls so that's not really what you want anyway. just stay focused on living your life and the right guy will come at the right time.