Why is he distant after sharing his feelings?

I've been talking to a great guy for a month and we've been dating for the past two weeks. We're both in our mid-twenties. We've had a crazy connection and great chemistry from day one and have so much in common. We've already slept together several times (starting the night of our first date which I've never done before but the attraction was that intense) and we have an amazing physical connection to top it all off. I thought he would pull away after that but instead we've been seeing each other every couple of days and not to have sex although we do sometimes, of course.

He introduced me to his family and his best friends right off the bat, who love me by the way, and he has taken me to his friends' parties (an engagement party and a birthday party) as his date. I've actually had several of his best buddies from childhood pull me aside and tell me that they haven't seen him this happy in years.

He's extremely affectionate and open with me but I made sure not to tell him how I feel because I didn't want to scare him away. The last time I saw him was a couple of days ago when I left his house, and he has suddenly withdrawn somewhat (we hardly talked at all the last couple of days which is abnormal) so imagine my surprise when last night he called me out of the blue and told me that I'm the best thing in his life right now... then proceeded to tell me everything he likes about me, from silly things to more emotional things. After that I admitted feeling the same way and we were both very happy, laughing and talking for an hour or so before we hung up and went to bed.

But then today, the day after he admitted all of these things freely without any prompting from me whatsoever, he was so distant again! We usually text during the day and I didn't hear anything from him until 5:00 PM, and then he only texted me once and didn't respond after that. Then later I texted to tell him goodnight and that I hoped we'd talk tomorrow, and he immediately responded saying how sorry he was for being distant and that he'd definitely talk to me in the morning.

Seriously WTF? I know I should just get my ass to bed and stop worrying but I'm so confused. I'm so miffed that I didn't even respond to his last text; I'm afraid to say anything until he hopefully initiates a conversation tomorrow. My gut is telling me to give him space. What do you guys think?


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  • Haha I'm having the same problem, whatever you do, don't listen to your friends they hear your story about the situation but they have no idea what's really happening. Go with your gut, its usually right


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  • stop tripping about it...give him his space..


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  • Don't worry so much about the issue just grant him some space