Did I act inappropriately?

I kissed my female best friends on the lios and hugged them in front of my wife. I watched Netflix with them and went out to a bar. I was drunk, so I shared a bed with one of the female friends. no sex. when I got home, my wife yelled at me for kissing them and going out. she then decided to go live with her sister. how can I get my wife back? we have no kids.


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  • Ooooooh you are not making good decisions here bud. How would you feel if she kissed other men in front of you and then went out while you were at home worrying all night and then didn't even come home?

    You need to think about how your actions affect your wife and how she sees them.


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  • You shouldn't be even asking these questions, yes your actions, your behavior is highly inappropriate! and it clearly shows you don't respect your wife and also you are inconsiderate to your wife and her feelings.


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  • Tell her you're pregnant...
    Oh wait.. That's their trick.