Girls, what the price of your dream wedding dress and wedding ring? But How much would you actually be willing to spend on a gown and ring?

Don't post pics, lol people could still your ideas haha


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  • I'm a guy, but as for the ring, I would both rather receive and give something that possesses more sentimental value than actual monetary value. In particular, incorporating my mother's old engagement ring into it and/or a lot of religious meaning what with engravings, symbols, and the like.


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  • Well my dream gown is $1600. I actually think thats a good deal. I'd cherish it and pass it down if my future daughter wanted to wear it. Thats not bad being that I'd probably set the wedding dress budget at $2k.

    My ring however... Smh. I was hurt when I saw that my dream platinum ring cost $4000. Thats insane but it was beautiful. It really got me though when I found out the center/main diamond stone was NOT INCLUDED. So that means my ring probably would have been more than $5k just to place a diamond on top. No way man. I honestly probably wouldn't spend over $1000 on a ring. I dont even wear rings nor do I want my nails done just to show it off, but I'd still wear it as a symbol of our marriage.


    • $2000 for a dress is a good deal! $5000+ for a ring however is crazy haha, so I'm glad that you expect a budget of $1k and less :)

    • Thanks for mho


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  • hopefully nothing ridiculously expensive

    are the answers i look forward to reading.

    • Lol it depends on what you consider expensive haha

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    • a ring, I'll take any simple band. that could be as much as like $60. as for a tux, any cheap one will do. I wear the tux, the tux doesn't wear me ;)

    • Haha nice

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  • I don't even know the cost and I'm not that into wedding anyway.
    So, I guess something of quality.
    I've always wanted a single gold ring with writing inside. That's actually my "dream" ring and that's pretty affordable for a ring so it will happen. I just don't know the price for it.
    As for a dress... I don't have a dream one but I would "dream" of something that look "romantic" and simple as well maybe with 3/4 sleeves. Some cost 10 000 and are SO amazing.

    But in real life? I wouldn't want to spend so much money on one dress, I don't even know how much I would spend but max 500. And I would really try to spend less than that. I'm not that much into big parties/big wedding. I'd rather have a nice honeymoon/ vacation with my boyfriend.

    • Well how much would you be willing to spend on a honeymoon?

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    • Yea i was thinking $6k on a honeymoon

    • I couldn't.
      Paying for a wedding and a honeymoon is already a lot and I'm pretty sure we'll already have children by the time we get married so I will have to to it wisely. We'll want to buy a place and such an expensive honeymoon isn't really necessary

  • Honestly I have no idea, I don't want to put a limit on something that I would want. Obviously not something outrageous but I'd leave it between 2k-12 k for a dress. As for ring.. I don't think about that ;) lol

    • I know what designer I want so thats why it's in that price range lol.

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    • I would think a ring would be more than a dress though!

    • Well yea because the ring will be worn more often

  • Maybe it [the dress] will cost around $70-$150

    Or less, or maybe slightly more. Not sure. Depends on what I pick and the currency of the country or something like that.

    As for the ring, I don't know if the groom will follow the tradition.

    If he does, , then my parents will buy the ring and I don't know how much they will spend, and the groom /his parents will buy on their own budget.

    • I honestly feel that the bride and groom should pay for as much as possible. You can't exactly count on parents to pay for things these days. You'll be slightly disappointed

    • It's a tradition in my culture that parents pay.

      If my parents don't have the money, then of course I would have to pay.

  • My wedding dress came out to be around $1,200 with alterations included. It was $800-just the dress. My wedding ring came out to be $1, 100. I didn't intend to spend a lot of money but, it was in his budget and my family helped out with my dress.