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i'm 21 years old and my boyfriend is 24. he is an undergraduate right now with about another year to go and has been in college since he graduated high school... talk about van wilder! his gpa is under a 2.0 and he is still 100% tied to his parents financially. they pay his bills, his tuition and everything in between. he has had jobs and internships, but is all around a very lazy guy. I love him! we have so much fun together... but I am so concerned about our future. I am also attending school right now and am on track for the future but am very traditional in my views and kind of expect the man to be the sole bread winner. we have talked about marriage because we are very compatible and communicate well, but I am very concerned about him financially. he is completely broke and goes out all the time and spends money that he does not have.

i realize you all are in no position to judge, but from the outside, is there hope? I am still financially tied to my parents too so I don't have much knowledge in this area... but it concerns me greatly.


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  • Tell his mother and father that they need to stop helping him financially, then don't support him financially yourself either. When he has no other ways but to fight for survival, he will learn quickly, probably under a year.

    It's f--ked up, but your intentions are good

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  • Ok, well I was in his position very recently, if you love the guy and things are great between you then the monitary aspect should be a concern but not a deciding factor in your relationship. If he's a pure, good hearted guy that treats you well, then there is no way he would just watch you be unhappy with your life situation. He will step up to the plate when life comes to and provide for you. Please don't bail on him because of it. Give him a deadline after college and let him prove to you that he can provide. Don't just skip out yet.


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  • if you are seriously considering marriage then I would tread lightly. Mis-matched views on how to save and spend money is one of the top things married couples fight about and eventually leads to divorce. the other two being : children and sex. but everyone needs time to grow into mature adults. right now you boyfriend is still in the student mode. once he enters the real world and has that job that will lead to his dream job, his views and habits might change. good luck!