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My boyfriend broke up w me after an argument when I asked him where our relationship was "going", as I was about to move 600 miles to be near I'm after 1 year of ld. Total relationship was 3 yrs. He ended it suddenly, texting me days later stating he didn't see us talking things through. Have had NC since, he and I are in different cities. I know he visits a website I have very often, about every 3-4 days at least. Do guys really just up and leave and forget all about you? We talked marriage and kids, did he not mean it? Does his checking out the website mean he may still have feelings? I did ask him for NC but didn't think he'd stick with it. I am so bummed, still have feelings for him.


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  • Depends how big the argument was it could be a temporary breakup for now he might get back with you again just don't call him or contact him for now. Of course he still has feelings of you I would think you guys been with each other for 3years. Whatever the reason is your going to have be on a break if its meant to be he will come back if not there's nothing else you can do besides move on when you're ready to. good luck


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  • Same story that's always posted on here. Guy (or girl) "suddenly" ended things even though everything was great, talk of marriage/kids, etc. However, the truth is he was planning this for a while. Most people don't just end things out of the blue. They build up to it over time and it's either an event that pushes them over the edge or they just get tired of trying/pretending.

    Obviously he won't just shut off all feelings after 3 years, no matter how the relationship ended. But, consider it over and move on.


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  • He didn't just make the decision to break up with you out of the blue believe it or not he did already have this made in plan.