My girlfriend of 8year not ready to marry me?

I love my girlfriend so much she mean the world to me we have be together sense middle school 8 years im 21 and she's 20 I really want to spend the rest of my life with her and thought she felt the same she has talked a lot about us getting married and have kids in the past.. recently I purchased a engagement ring I proposed to her over dinner last nite and she said not now I was crushed I asked why she said she's not ready and that she's only 20 and it upset me and we kinda had argument over dinner the she said you kn what if your really loved me you would positive me to do something I'm not ready for and walked out she hasn't called all day.. I'm I wrong and should she be upset

Not positive push her auto correct
Now I have $500 dollar ring that I can't return because I threw away because I thought for sure it would have be on her finger by now


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  • It's not a big deal, the first time a girl lets you down seems like the end of the world, but eventually you get used to it. Life is not a fairy tail, women have their own agendas and own minds you can't control them and you can't get upset about something you can't control. You're wanting to do right by her, but it seems to me like she's keeping her options open for someone better and selfishly keeping you as a safety net. I hope it works out for you but work on not letting things women do bother you.


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  • I'm going to side with your girlfriend on this one.
    It's great that you guys have made it work for 8 years. I'm sure she loves you but, regardless, you guys are both way too young to tie the knot.

    Have you both finished school, gotten your careers going? Are you guys making enough money on your own to be self-sufficient in terms of paying for a place, insurance/gas, a car, etc?

    • I have my own place she lived with me for two years before she recently went job corps near by she would be still here but the job corp wants you to live campus in the dorms she get her nursing degree and yes I have career I work for the the federal reserved bank of Richmond but no car yet

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  • You're not wrong, but neither is she. You just want different things right now. Give her space and time.

  • Oh my that's a touch blow. I don't know man... my girl already said yes even with a very cheap ring... and on Skype. Now engaged for 2 years. Be patients lets see.