Do you think you should only get engaged if you want to get married soon?

A lot of couples in my country get engaged just as a step forward in the relationship, and then they will go for over 5 years before actually get married. I think engagement should be to show you want to get married now, and then go max 2 years before getting married.


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  • lots of couselors spoke against being engaged for long periods of time...

    its unecessary and stupid in my opinion. this is why lots of marriages get called off... you're just placing a pressure bubble unecessarily in my opinion...


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  • It's none of my business what other couples do. Maybe they're using those five years to raise money for a wedding - who knows. We all have our reasons for why we do the things we do.

    I personally would prefer to be engaged for a year or two, though.


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  • I think if couple is ready to get married then an engagement shouldn't matter. An engagement I feel just stalls time.

  • No. Couples should live together for two years before marriage. If they want to get engaged after that and quickly get married, fine, but that two years is crucial. I'd recommend 5 really.


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