How do newly weds survive?

Just curious... Not everyone gets married at thirty years old, with a steady job and a house already paid for. I'm 18 and am engaged to be married in less than a month. My husband to be and myself have jobs, and work full time but still don't know how we're going to do it! If you've been here, as a young couple, married-or soon to be, without a profession just yet... please advise.


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  • I've been married over a year now and i know exactly how you feel its like your suppose to be this total adult that has it all figured out but dont worry marriage isn't about that. One thing I've learned after getting married is that i would do anything to provide for my wife i work my ass off and do whatever i have to do just to see her smile and i know she will do the same for me. Dont let professions define who you are and dont let peoples opinions get to you jobs change all that matters is how far you are willing to go for your man and communication is key you should tell him how you are feeling im sure he can make you feel better


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  • if you still don't know how you're going to do it then why tf are you getting married?(!)

    • We do know! (In that aspect) My question is 'how do you actually strive'? How do we have time together? How do we have money left to save? How do you actually enjoy a marriage when you work 24/7.

    • well, like any other way, you have to work hard and save money whilst pushing for more opportunities that are better than your current ones, which could be job promotions, or a better job with more promise.

      spending time together is going to be easy until you get a kid, so don't worry about that.

      saving money is super easy, just spend money on the essentials, put everything else in the bank account.

      why don't y'all just wait until you're in a more stable position in life

  • Why the Hell are you even considering it then?


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  • Marriage takes work, but it is not any different than a relationship. If you already have questions about how you are going to make it through, why are you marrying?

    • Everyone has questions! I'm looking for financial/ budget advice from couples who have been there. I'm not looking to answer questions, when I'm the one asking. :)

    • I understand - and I am not judging you.
      My boyfriend and I are saving as much money as we can. My boyfriend has had issues with money, so he worked on it. I helped him and we are saving as much money as we can. We made a list of our incomes and how much we spend, to have a clear view of our budget and how much we can save.