He said really hurtful things to me?

Me and my boyfriend got in to a fight while I was driving..he called me dumb and said he never loved me and I asked him was this all a lie? He said he would never give his heart to a woman..This really pained me deeply because we been dating for almost three years.no drop him off and ten min. Later he text me saying he's sorry about what he said and I really took his heart...but I'm really hurt by this...

Thank you so much guys...I have to say that I did play a part in this situation myself. After he sent the text he came over and apologize face to face..he's been cleaning making dinner and breakfast...idk I guess that means he's srry because he don't do
Guys I need your advice as well


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  • Look, we all say things when we are angry that we do not mean, if he really did mean it he would not have taken the time to apologize to you.

    He would have found it a good opportunity to end the relationship if he was not really interested or loves you. I think he loves you but he needs to work on his anger, tell him that if he really loves you he should control what he says because it hurts you and that if you give him another chance and he repeats that then you won't be coming back, and you deserve his respect.

    I think you should not end the relationship electricity because of something that small, we all have to work in relationships and nothing is always rainbows and butterflies its compromise. I say defiantly do not end this and let him know exactly what hurt you and what made you think twice about getting back with him. I hope it all goes well. good luck!


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  • This is no excuse for what he said, but a lot of time men will just pull out what ever they know will hurt us the most in fights, and use it. If he does this everyday, than it's going to turn out to be emotional abuse, in which case you better talk to him about it, or leave. However, if he just says this once in a great while when you fight, he's just being a normal ass of a guy during a fight. Just make sure he owes you for what he said, and make him suck up big. Don't have sex or anything yet because then he knows that he can do or say whatever and still get stuff out of it.

    • We did already but it was because I wanted too not because he wanted too,that was his first time saying it

  • well I'm glad things worked out for you two :) it's really sweet he came over and apologized.

  • It seems to me he is ashamed to express how he really feels about you in person. Somehow he'd rather see you hurt just to see how much he's getting the best of you. (This is called bullying.) Later on he text you to tell you he's sorry, this is a bunch of bull. I feel that you should express to him how you feel about him sending you off negative chemistry (don't do it emotionally, but do it in a demanding way.) Let him know if he don't love you then someone else will, and if he can't show you he loves you in person then it's a done deal. There's no way you should settle, we all are too young to be bashed by little boys, this would only cause the next guy to put up with an emotional wreck (and that's not fair.)

  • I know how yu feel its happened to me before and unfortunately it turned out to be true and me and him had been dating for 3 1/2 years...jus from experience I wouldn't stay with him but I also know how hard it is to leave after you been with someone for so long...but is it really worth being hurt ecen worse at the end? No! There are plenty of guys who are willin to give you there heart but you aren't gonna find them as long as your with him.

  • I know from experience when my boyfriend and I fight I am the one to say things like, "I hate you," "I don't know if we are going to work out," etc. etc. I don't mean it at all, I just get so mad in the heat of the moment. Basically, we all say things we don't mean...especially to the people we love the most. It's not right and not fair, but it's what we do. However, I have never called my boyfriend dumb/stupid in the heat of the moment. I just say what I feel (example, I hate you!) not what I think he is personally, like your boyfriend did to you by calling you dumb. That was just wrong and you need to lay down the law and tell him you will not put up with him calling you those things because take if from me, it will continue if you don't confront him and tell him it's going to stop.

    The thing that worries me with your situation is that he says he would never give his heart to a woman. Even if you were mad, this is something you do not say. This would apply in all situations, not just with yours. I wonder if he is ever goign to "committ" or "settle down" with you or anyone for that matter because of this. I don't know how old you are, but if you are in your mid 20's or 23-24 years old and have been dating the guy for 3 years (That's A LONG time!) and he hasn't proposed or even talked or mentioned marriage I would seriously consider having a heart-to-heart with him about what he sees for yall's future.