Should I propose her or not?

hey friends..

i am in love with a girl, we are not unknown to each other... we study in together and we have lot of texting, but the problem is she is committed to someone else I don't know who but m sure she is...

i am afraid if I propose her she might get angry and won't speak to me after...

help me friends what should I do


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  • ok what?! you're crazy. you study with and text this girl and that's it. you don't even know her well enough to know if she's in a relationship and you want to marry her?! you're kidding right?


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  • You mean for MARRIAGE or to date? If she s seeing someone else, you have to wait.. If she is NOT seeing someone else, you can ask her out... You should not ask her to marry you until you know she wants to marry, & is intersted in marrying YOU.

    First find out f she is already involved.



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  • you might wait till you have an exclusive relationship with her before you propose, yer gunna scare her off.