Why is it racist to say that black people should have the right to marry, but it's not homophobic to say gay people shouldn't have this right?

Why is "Black people shouldn't marry and get children" racist, but "gay people shouldn't marry..." an opinion and part of free speech?


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  • Well first of all, people often don't how the world homophobic is really intended to be used. The word homophobic is used as a shaming word to indicate people are afraid of gay people. This is often done as a way of calling the other person a coward and indicating that they are secretly gay and are afraid of people finding out so they lash out at openly gay people. That is the culture that gave rise to the term homophobic. As such many people refuse to see the word homophobic as the same as being anti gay and instead see it more as a slur.

    I don't know anyone saying black people shouldn't be allowed to get married. In the past they weren't allowed to marry whites, but that law also applied to whites. Likewise gay people can get married. They just have to marry their own gender just like straight people do. So it really isn't an equal comparison. If anything it is a failure to care about gay issues than to openly oppress them.

    Back then marriage also meant more from a financial perspective. You often needed a spouse to take care of you. Today we are more independent and the meaning of marriage has changed to where most don't see the point of marriage except for religious people. Since there is no real point of getting married except for religious purposes anymore. Many religious people see gay marriage as a way of mocking their religion. They aren't wrong either. Churches have already been sued for not marrying gay people. I don't think the church has lost such a lawsuit yet, but the intention of wanting to force a religion to change is very clear.

    Of course religious people are going to fight against what they see as sinful behavior. In fact many religions aren't even suppose to allow marriage outside of their religion.

    You can force people to follow the law, but you can't force them to accept your view of morality. Likewise they will continue to try and change the laws to fit their views of morality just like every other group is doing.

    A better idea would be to just ban the government from recognizing anyone as married and leave it up to peoples personal choices. Even if you wanted to marry a tree, that shouldn't matter to the government. The government shouldn't endorse or reject any view on marriage. That would go a long way to silencing both sides of this incredibly stupid debate.


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  • eh this is confusing. Do you mean black people marrying interracially? Yes that would be racist, and that's actually something people say. Now the reason why one would treat gays and minorities differently is because there is still debate over whether or not being gay is a choice or something you're born as. Since its a choice to some people, they don't see it as quite as wrong as preventing black people from marrying whoever they want because they can't change their skin colour. This is my guess. I don't really try to understand the mind of a racist

  • I think both statements are offensive. Both are a part of free speech (it's not a crime to say it or think it). And these statements are racist and homophobic.

  • I'm not sure I understand. Racial features have nothing to do with the institution of marriage. There's no racial requirements for the people who want to get married. Being gay and wanting to get married however means you're going against the very basis of marriage itself - a union between a man and a woman. Never in the entire history of mankind have there been an official recognition of same sex partnership. Even in ancient Sparta where homosexual contacts were the norm until the person was fit for marriage. Therefore in order to facilitate peaceful coexistence a legal "partnership" should exist so that both gays are recognized in the eyes of the law, and those who do not approve of the term "gay marriage" have no reason to be mad.

    • I've never understood why gay people want the Church to accept their demands when it has exterminated them for millenia. That's like the jews asking Hitler to accept their culture. One would think they wouldn't want anything to do with religious institutions.

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    • Did you ever read the bible? Ever read the racist parts? No church cares about those verses...

    • I forgot to clarify that when I say religion I'm talking about Christianity (Catholic, Orthodox, etc.). There is NO ban by any church for people of different races to marry as long as both are christians. I checked. As for official same sex unions - I've honestly never heard of such when it comes to christian marriage. And yes, I have read the New Testament. I'd say it is quite alright for a text written almost 2 millenia ago when people didn't really care about racism or homophobia. I'm yet to being the Old Testament but I'll call you when I'm done. I can't say that I'm particularly religious myself but I consider myself an Easter Orthodox and as far as marriages go I'm with the Church on this one.

  • b.. but it is.


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