Should I get engaged?

I've known my boyfriend for almost 5 years and dated almost 4. We are young but madly in love. There's no doubt we are going to be together forever. He wants to get engaged really bad and so do i. We don't know even we will get married yet. It may be 2-4 years. Should we do it? 💍💍💖💖💎💎👰👰💗💗


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  • No offence but this really isn't a question you should be letting a bunch of strangers on the internet decide.

    • I'm not letting others decide. Really. I'm just curious what others actually think about a situation like this. People are brutally honest on the internet. So I just wanted to know what people would say.

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  • woah :o 5ive years? that's a long ass time!!! maybe he's right and getting engaged will be a way to show more commitment


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  • if you want to, go for it. but there are some things to consider:

    have you two lived together? do you know what the other person is like day-to-day? do you know that your lifestyles are compatible?

    do you guys want to get engaged for religious reasons/for the sake of it, or because you genuinely like each other?

    a good wedding and a good marriage are not the same thing. i highly suggest learning the difference between the two before you commit to something of this magnitude.

    • We don't want to live together before we are married. We wanr this because we genuinely want to be together. We aren't even religious really.

  • Yes. If you know you wan to spend the rest of your life with him, why wait?

  • Do what you feel is right.