Should I say yes?

He wants to get married. I am 23 he is 29.
When I first met him when I was 19 I was mesmerized and never felt like that before. Then we both messed up for the next year the relationship was very unhealthy. Me kicking him out of my house, calling him names hooking up with him when I felt like it and than dumping him again. He was talking to other women I was talking to. Other men. It went on for another year until I was 21 and we split for a year until I turned 22. Between this time I begged back for him, NOBODY I met measured up to him I dated a lot of people in that year and knew I couldn't feel the same again I am sure of it. He was the king of my life and I messed up and abused it. We have been together since December living together like before and it's the best relationship I could imagine. Should I still say yes?


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  • If you have to ask then no. When people go through drama, it raises hormones and creates strong sexual and intimate attraction. This is great for reproduction but usually horrible for relationships. The best antidote I have found is to find something your passionate about in life and persue it. Surround yourself with passionate people and those with similar interests and you'll find someone better. I have seen similar situations play out again and again--each different but all have drama, all create intense feelings and all end up eventually going sour... sometimes it takes years.
    Make sure you have something meaningful you can be passionate about in life or it will be extremely hard to avoid the drama again. Good luck!

    • I think that's kind of wrong to say about such a big group of relationships. But yeah within the year we were apart we turned to different people. People change. And now our relationship is drama free. This isn't for me this is for anyone who reads a similar story and doesn't give up just because they see your post. Nothing t against you. But I hear you

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  • yes... if you know he will make you happy


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  • there's so much drama and issues in that time, you should wait a few years and see if it's stable.


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  • no. Tell him to wait at least another year