Hypothetically, would you date, say, Cara Delevingne or another Victoria's Secret model and more importantly, WHY?

I'm leaning towards Cara atm.


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  • Cara is ugly, Lima is too old, Kerr isn't really a VS model and she is crazy.
    The others I don't care about.
    So nope I guess.

    • she's crazy?

    • Oops I meant Lima is crazy, she is kind of a religious nutjob who is hardcore against abortion and premarital sex.(allegedly, might just have said that for the exposure)
      Miranda Kerr is ok I guess if we count her as a VS model.

      Generally I think models are dumb bimbos, there are exceptions like Cara but I find her pretty damn ugly.
      I wouldn't want to date a model, their aura of beauty dissipates the moment you hear them talk in an interview.

    • lol all the VS girls probably quite likably. just haven't gotten around to it yet. it's an organic thing


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  • I know the Victoria Secret models but I don't remember what they look like or their names specifically, too much effort to research it. Anyway I have always found Cara Delevigne gorgeous so if I got the chance I would jump at it.

  • Cara, coz she's good looking in a gorgeous/sexy way, and in an adorable/cute way at the same time
    She's got very indvidual looks-her face isn't generic or anything
    From what I've seen of her she seems to have a nic personality

  • hell ye miranda kerr or candice swanepoel mmmmmmmmmm

  • there's an ecological system in cara's thick ass eyebrows... id date adriana lima